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 Pre-cata bosses - loot list i251

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Pre-cata bosses - loot list i251 Empty
PostSubject: Pre-cata bosses - loot list i251   Pre-cata bosses - loot list i251 EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 6:42 pm


Level Type Spec Slot Name
251 Shield Melee Off Hand Barrier of the Earth Princess
251 Plate Heal Waist Girdle of Oblation
251 Plate Melee Chest Tectonic Plate
251 Plate Melee Chest Salamander Skin
251 Plate Melee Wrist Twilight Offering Bands
251 Mail Physical DPS Legs Sacrificial Mail
251 Leather Heal Feet Flamewaker's Treads
251 Leather Physical DPS Chest Pulmonary Casing
251 Cloth Heal Chest Earth Bride's Gown
251 Cloth Physical DPS Back Cloak of Mocking Winds
251 Cloth Spell DPS Back Zaetar's Deathshroud
251 Cloth Spell DPS Feet Sandfury Sandals
251 Finger Melee Finger Old Gods' Blessing
251 Finger Physical DPS Finger Sulfuron's Favor
251 Finger Spell DPS Finger Ring of the Three-Headed Beast
251 Neck Heal Neck Pendant of Burning Spirits
251 Neck Melee Neck Flamelash Amulet
251 Neck Physical DPS Neck Amulet of the Centauri
251 Neck Spell DPS Neck Amulet of Evil Winds
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Pre-cata bosses - loot list i251
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